Armed Forces Display

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The following pictures were taken at the Armed Forces Open House. (click on each picture to enlarge it).

War Veterans 2011
Back row: Don Baker (WWII), Bernard Markham (Korean Conflict), and Gary Kautz (served in Germany during the Viet Nam War); front row: Ed Murray (WWII).

War Veterans 2011

War Veterans 2011

War Veterans 2011

War Veterans 2011

War Veterans 2011

War Veterans 2011

The Oronoco Area History Center is a place where history can be kept and made available to the public. New members are always welcome. Other ways to support the Center are to offer your services to help, donate historical items, and give financial support. Oronoco and the surrounding area has a rich and interesting history. There is no other place in Olmsted County where Oronoco history can be saved and displayed.

Thank you to all who have contributed or helped the Center already. Also, thank you for visiting this site!

Memorial Day

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Remember Pearl Harbor!

December 7, 1941

The History Center received a folder containing three original poems written by Robert S. Rawson in 1943.

One of the poems is shown below:

I saw a child, a cute little chap
Playing in a box of sand.
His head was bare and most of his back,
And his body and face were tanned.
His body was building for manhood’s work,
There in the warm sunshine,
And I thought as I watched his childish play,
That he might have been your boy—or mine.

I saw a boy out in the road,
Playing “Cowboy” and bold “Pirate.”
And I wondered what he’d grow up to be,
When he reached manhood’s estate.
Maybe a president, doctor, or farmer,
A musician or singer so fine,
He maybe nothing but just a bum,
And he might have been your boy—or mine.

I saw a youth roaming the streets,
Wondering what to do.
Should he take the right way or the left,
To himself, be false or true?
I saw him again in uniform,
Trying to keep in line,
His country had called and he answered that call,
And he might have been your boy—or mine.

There are millions of boys, yes, we call them boys,
Though they’re every inch of them man.
Out on the ocean and in the field,
Doing the best they can.
Fighting and dying for you and me,
These boys of ours so fine,
So let’s do our share and never complain,
For the sake of your boys–and mine.

Original Poem by Robert S. Rawson of Oronoco, Minnesota
Published August 1, 1943

Three Little Girls

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Here’s a tidbit from our treasurer Kris Wiens for your enjoyment of a piece of history:

Brothers George, Edwin, and Agon Mohlke and their sister Esther were early settlers of the Oronoco and Rochester area.  Until 1922, the brothers and their wives produced only boys, but that year was different.  Myra was born in April to George and Mary in Oronoco; June arrived in June (of course!) to Agon and Mabel in Rochester; and Irene (Kris’ mother) was born in July to Edwin and Martha in rural Rochester. The Mohlke girls shown in the photo below are (from left to right) June Mohlke Hubmer (now lives in Mankato); Kris’ mother Irene Mohlke Peters (died in 1995); and Myra Mohlke Markham, who grew up in the Oronoco area and married a young man from her neighborhood.  The couple lived in Oronoco for many years until they both died in 2007.

Three Little Girls

Memorial Fund

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The Oronoco Area History Center started a Memorial Fund in October 2008. It is planned that sometime in the future, items will be created or purchased for the Center for display and labeled with the names of the people whose memory is being honored. So far, money placed in that fund was donated to the Center in memory of the following:

Karl Glabe
Ruth Glabe
Gaylord Kautz
Doris Mae Kautz
William C. Markham

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